Monday, October 5, 2009

Conference Program


Friday May 7th:

Keynote Address by Dr. Mark Golden 06:00PM
With an introduction by Dr. Franco De Angelis

Saturday May 8th:
Session 1: Competition and Rivalry in Literature 09:30-10:45
Chaired by Dr. C.W. Marshall

Mortality is Hard to Wrestle With 09:30-09:55
Emily Kratzer, University of California-Los Angeles

Striving for Anonymity: Exemplarity in Polybios' Roman Army 09:55-10:20
Jeremy LaBuff, University of Pennsylvania

Plautus' Palaistra: The vocabulary of intrigue in the slave dialogues of Plautus‘ Miles Gloriosus 10:20-10:45
Madhlozi Moyo, University of Zimbabwe

Coffee Break 10:45-11:05

Session 2: Competition and Rivalry in the Archaeological Record 11:05-12:45
Chaired by Dr. E.H. Williams

Competition and Rivalry in Death: Etruscan Funerary Buildings and Decoration 11:05-11:30
Katherine Polywkan, University of British Columbia

Roman Provincial Monument as Medium and Mediator 11:30-11:55
Àlvaro Ibarra, University of Texas-Austin

Victory in Paganism and Christianity 11:55-12:20
Amber Latimer, University of Alberta

Playing for Power: The Use of Magic in the Roman Circus 12:20-12:45
Elizabeth Lubbers, University of British Columbia

Lunch 12:45-01:45

Session 3: Competition and Rivalry in Society 01:45-02:55
Chaired by Dr. Dietmar Neufeld

External Reflections of Internal Conflicts: Josephus and his works 01:45-02:05
Jon Holtgrefe, University of Oregon

Spartan Wife-Stealing: An illusion of the Spartan mirage or traditional marriage agon? 02:05-02:30
Justin Humphreys, New School for Social Research, New York

A Textual Study of Cyprian‘s De Ecclasiae Catholicae Unitate: Informing multiple views on the third century Roman episcopacy 02:30-02:55
Reverend C. Pierson Shaw, Jr., University of St. Michael’s College, Toronto

Closing Remarks 02:55-03:15

*Please click here to download the full conference program pdf.

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